Sunday, April 6, 2008

Stupid Austin comments!

1. "Look guys the heavens are crying." "Who's Even?"
2. "Ew a CHIP!"
3. "Hey Amy I got three words for you, on your mark get set go!"
4. "I wish everyone at night would put a bucket of root beer or 
lemonade so it can evaporate and rain pop!
5. "Superman is Morman!
6. "Why is it called orange juice when it is yellow?


Karli said...

They are not stupid...
they are awesome.
thank you for posting it!

Jake Davies said...

Austy.... That is the most awesome thing ever. haha

Holly said...

When I babysat you when you were little, you would make a statement and I would say "are you serious?" and you would say "no, I'm Austin."

Karli said...

ha ha ha holly! i have never heard that before! aust.. you are too funny

Lisa said...

Your comments are the best! Keep them comming!!
Check out my blog its finally done!